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Thu, Oct. 7th, 2004, 12:22 pm

Oh yeah! Today I dressed up as a hippie for spirit week! It was fun. I had some candy in first period so I was hyper all day. My gym teacher was telling us to run three laps around the gym and I was like "I don't take orders from the man!". Yeah that was dumb, I know. I told a couple of people I was going to hijack a bus and go to San Francisco. And I asked if they wanted to come. My teacher didn't think it was too funny but oh well.
I also found out that I have three tardies in my seventh period class. My stupid teacher didn't even tell me when I had my first tardy, or my second one. Now I have to write some stupid page about why I shouldn't be late for class. I hate that teacher. Not just because of this but I have many other reasons.... at least I don't have any homework today! Except for that stupid page of course. I'm gonna go play Secret Of Mana!

Sat, Oct. 2nd, 2004, 10:51 pm

Yes! Finally I have something to write about! Not that many people are going to read this anyway but whatever. Anywho, today I went to the mall with Sara and Micheal. Of course Micheal was being his crazy self. We went to Hot Topic first and for about ten minutes we were just looking at the wrist bands and wallets. Then these dumb preppy bitches walk by us and call us sluts or some crap I didn't really hear what the hell they said. They said something that pissed us off so we followed them for a while. Micheal and I were making some weird sound effects and the preps got scared cause they thought we were stalking them. Sara just kinda followed. Damn preps! I hate em! Heh heh but it sure is fun to piss em off!
So then after that we went to spencers and bought these living dead dolls. I had never seen them before until today. I always miss out on everything. But now that I have some I want more! Micheal got the woman that worked there to look for a certain wallet for him. It took her like eight minutes but she found it. Then Micheal remembered he already had a wallet so he put it back. There was alot more that happened at the mall today but it'll take me forever to type it all.
So after the mall we went to Micheal's house and he has the coolest room I have ever seen!! He's got the coolest posters and lights and everything! And what was even more suprising was that Micheal can draw better than anyone I have ever seen. I saw a sketch he did on Ron from Harry Potter and it was really good. He showed us some other stuff that he did. He's awesome! And we watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Well at least I did. Micheal and Sara were in his room through half the movie. Hmmm... I wonder what they were doing..Heh heh. Yeah today was definetly the best day of my week. We're doing this again next week.

Sat, Sep. 11th, 2004, 08:05 pm
Good ol times....

Whoo hoo! I had three friends at my house yesterday. It was Davonna, Deosha, and Keisha. And me of course. At first we all went outside to see who was home. The only people we talked to though were Jason and Jeff. It was weird because no one could really think of anything to talk about. Jason kept falling asleep on the porch. Then Jason went somewhere with his mom and Jeff went inside.
We were going to punch Davonna because it was her birthday so she ran away from us. She ran half way around the street until we caught up with her and then we just started walking. Me and Davonna started making the old lady sound and some kids got freaked out and ran inside.
Then we walked by this big group of ghetto guys who kept giving us these looks so when we were half way up that part of the street I turned around and they were still looking at us. Then one of them started laughing like a retard and I imitated him. Then they all got quiet and kept staring at us so we kept walking. I'm never walking by that place again....
And then we got back to my house and ate some pizza, watched Good Burger, and played Silent Hill. Keisha got really scared when we played Silent Hill. It was funny. And that was about it. Yeah, let the good times roll.

P.S. Thanx to talyafera for the cool icon!

Mon, Aug. 23rd, 2004, 12:54 pm

Oh man! In third period today we had a substitute and this guy was sweating so bad! He had huge puddles of sweat on his arm pits that were soaking right through his shirt. Every time he lifted his arm everyone started cracking up! And this weekend my sister bought me some tight jeans. No more baggy pants for me. At least I don't look preppy. But that teacher! Oh man you guys just had to see it!

Sun, Aug. 22nd, 2004, 05:53 pm
This is kinda long...

Oooohhh man! I haven't been on here in a while. I'm too lazy to update this thing all the time. But we started school two weeks ago and damn this school is weird. It's not really bad just very weird.
I think my second period teacher is a child molester. Maybe he's just gay, whatever. And my digital communications teacher kicked me out of the room for no reason. I seriously didn't do a damn thing! I was just sitting at my computer typing and she tells me to leave the room.
And as for the other students, I don't really want to get too into that. Most of them are nice. My worst class is Horticulture. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically gardening. I didn't sign up for it. Anyway on Thursday this guy threatend to kill this girl and he got suspended. And I talked to this other guy in that class who's obsessed with his rifle. We walked by a big flock of geese and he started saying " Man I wish I had my rifle with me. I'd shoot those motherfuckers!" Yeah he was weird.

Thu, Jul. 29th, 2004, 12:03 pm

My dad is in the hospital now. He had an infection in his arm. The infection started to get into his blood. The doctors said he'd be okay. They better be right. The weird thing is there were two other guys in the hospital that night with the exact same thing and they all had the infection in their arm. The doctors don't even know where they got the infection from. They were asking if any of them hit their arm on something or if they got bit by a bug. Only one of the guys hit their arm. My dad was in alot of pain. He'll stay in the hospital today and maybe tomorrow.

Sun, Jul. 18th, 2004, 07:35 pm

Ok, I've had this journal thing for like two months now and haven't used it yet. Probably because nothing interesting ever happens here. At least this way when school starts and I get pissed off I can let it out here instead of trying beat the shit out of somebody and gettin my ass kicked. Hmmm... I really have no idea what to do on here. Oh well, I'll figure it out.